Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring Time Fun!

Our neighbors (who also happen to be cousins) have a pool (that's more like a hot tub) that they keep open year round. It's not a full size pool, maybe the size of 3 hot tubs lined up in a row but its perfect for kids! They can touch the bottom throughout the pool and it's a nice 98* (but can be adjusted of course) which is perfect for a little spring time fun! 

 Sadie started getting pretty adventurous with jumping in. She started getting a running head start and doing all kinds of different jumps.
 Grace, little stinker, kept wanting to take off her floaties and when I finally let her she of course did not stay on the steps like instructed and fell under. I learned my lesson. Floaties on her always! She is too daring.

 I have no idea what these toys were but they had fun with it. I think we ended up with an entire basket of toys in the pool, including the basket. At one point there were even a few children size plastic chairs. 


We know where we will be spending our summer!

Friday, April 25, 2014


Mid morning is not the best time for taking pictures. I wish I had taken the time later to get better pictures but after church we had cousins to play with and the opportunity was gone.

But these three girls melt my heart. I'm grateful for the resurrection and that because of him I can have my little family forever.

Okay this is what we call major chocolate face!
Grace looked like Princess Leia. This morning so I was glad to see her hair a little messy. :)

And where did I find Sadie after Easter dinner? Outside in the sandbox in her dress!,
And she wasn't alone!

We don't have many chances to take a picture of all of us so I was glad to get this one even with Chris  a tad under dressed.

Happy Easter!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Grace's two year old pictures

It's not easy taking pictures of a two year old. Of that I am absolutely certain! I've never been good at getting my kids pictures taken when they turn a new age but it's one of my many goals for this year. Of course starting with Grace was probably not the best because it was so frustrating I'll probably not want to do Sadie's when her turn comes! But anyway, I did get a few before she got mad at me, and a few more after that before she lost it (thanks to her Uncle Joey who showed up with his new kitty and calmed her down a bit). Also I should mention that my computer broke two days before I took these and is still broken so I wasn't ever able to really get a good look at these. But with a face as cute as hers (in my humble, biased) opinion) they will still be cute no matter what. 

Can't believe my little baby is already two!

One of my favorite ones was over exposed but a friend is fixing it for me so I will add it later.