Monday, January 28, 2013

Practice Makes Perfect

I still want to get better at photography so I'm trying to practice on my kids...when I have the patience, which isn't often enough. But here is one I took of Grace. It's hard for me to do indoor pictures and get them right but I thought this one was okay.

 And then Ava who was being my "helper" insisted on being in the pictures too. It's a little over exposed but still a cute shot.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas '12

There's not much introduction needed for Christmas. It was a good one and Santa brought what was asked for so it was a happy one!

Look at these two opening presents together! They were so polite to each other all morning and if a gift was for both of them they opened it together. It was very sweet!
Sadie asked Santa for a horse, of course, and he delivered. He also brought a few mini horses with her stocking and I think she liked those ones better!
 Ava asked Santa for a Cinderella dress which she was very happy to get but she was also excited to get a hula hoop and learned very quickly how to use it. She's an expert now.
 After presents were opened and we had breakfast the girls went outside to play in the snow. We haven't had a white Christmas in a couple of years so it was fun to have it again.

Later in the afternoon we went to the hot springs pool in glenwood, which was surprisingly busy, and enjoyed some time in the pool. The best part of the day (I'm being sarcastic) was when we thought we'd be able to find an open restaurant after the pool to get dinner. WRONG! And the girls wanted pizza of all things. We were fortunate to find the local Kum & Go open and grabbed a couple slices for the girls there! 

We hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas as well. We are looking forward to a wonderful new year!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

catching up!

Wow! I just spent Grace's entire nap time trying to figure out why I couldn't get blogger to work. That is seriously precious time! An hour and a half later (after creating new accounts and new blogs all to no avail) all I had to do was download Google Chrome. So here I am trying to play catch up. I think it's going to take a few posts! These are from our trip to Oregon in early December to see the girls newest cousin Baby Scarlet.

I know I'm too in love with this little girl because I can't stop taking her picture! I feel bad of course for middle child Sadie who came only 18 months after her older sister so I was too tired to take any pictures! 
 Isn't she just the sweetest baby?! I am so grateful to my husband for giving the girls and I the opportunity to go to Oregon to see my family and little baby Scarlet. I had so much fun watching my little sister be a mom! Even my dad commented on how fun it was to watch me watch her. He could see in my eyes how proud I was! 
 See, I told you! More pictures of Grace. :)
 I'm having a great time learning how to use my camera and trying to improve as a photographer. Krista was kind enough to let me take pictures of her little beauty to get some practice.  

 The picture below is my favorite!
 This picture (below) didn't turn out the greatest but I love her name reflected on the piano so I had to post!
Sadie playing the piano with Grandma!
 And of course we had lots of rough housing with Grandpa! 
It was so good to see my family and meet it's newest member. We don't get to see them nearly enough. Just today on the way to church I looked in the mirror and saw Ava had a sad face. I asked what was wrong and she started crying and said she missed Grandma Morgan. I'm so glad that even though we live so far away my kids still love their Grandparents!