Saturday, September 7, 2013

Camping On The Clinetop

It has been a very long time since we have gone camping! The last time we went Sadie was just barely more than one and we were still enjoying our yearly camping trip with the Morgan family. (Which we fully expect to resume once they return to the U.S.) 

Chris had this spot picked out for us after he came here on a camp out with his YM and after we got there I knew why. It was so beautiful! We did not see another person camping the whole time we were there. It was quiet and peaceful and the perfect spot for our little family.

 Grace did pretty well for her fist time camping, although I did have to put her to sleep in the care first then transfer her to the tent b/c she was having a hard time going to sleep. But she had loads of fun playing in the dirt!
 Our first night there we just took a little hike close to our camp site to look around and explore. The scenery was amazing and I couldn't stop taking pictures!
The wildflowers were everywhere!
The next morning we decided to try the hike down to the creek. While Chris claims it is only a mile it is still a very tricky hike because it is really steep at the end right before you get to the creek. 
 The girls did so great. Ava and Sadie hiked the whole way down and up on their own and didn't even complain. 
The reward was getting down to this gorgeous creek. It was too cold to swim in but we still had fun playing around and just being together. 
 Proof I was actually there!! The only picture I'm in!
 I kept the food pretty simple b/c the cooking is the one thing about camping I don't enjoy. So we had bagels for breakfast. Grace didn't mind. (look at those pretty eyes!)
 Chris built a sort of hammock out of some logs and a tarp. He planned to sleep on it but it looked like rain both nights so he opted to stay in the tent. 
 There were also a ton of berry bushes next to our camp site and Ava loved picking them. You can see her in the background getting ready to put some in a bowl. Grace benefited the most from Ava's hard work. She loved them! 
My three little munchkins!
 Camping season is about over now. Hunting season has started which means the mountains are busy so I'm glad we got to go before the summer was over.