Saturday, March 16, 2013

It Can't Be True

Wow, one year can really fly by, huh? We have birthdays in December, 2 in March, June, and August. It feel s like they just come bam, bam, bam. I can't imagine how my parents felt...birthdays in January through July, oh my! Anyway, here were are again with another birthday. My little baby Grace is one!

Grace is my only baby that I had newborn pictures taken. I really regret not doing the others but I'm glad I have some for Grace. She was such a doll!
 We had some family, immediate and extended, come to the house for a little party for Grace. I did a rainbow birthday cake because St. Patrick's day was coming up and they had some cute cakes out for that. Apparently Grace didn't want to get her hands dirty! She went in head first.
 I just love her big bright eyes. 
Grace still isn't walking and I am getting anxious but Chris keeps telling me that one day I'll regret wanting it so bad so I should just be patient and enjoy her the way she is. I'll try. She doesn't talk  much either but she does some sign language so we can communicate a little. She adores her sisters and they are so good to her. I'm lucky to have my three beautiful girls!