Friday, December 28, 2012

Ava turns 5

How did this happen?! My little baby turned 5! Our next big step? Kindergarten! Yikes. 
Apparently I missed the boat on taking pictures of Ava's birthday because I only have a few. So instead I am going to post a picture from each birthday starting with birth. 

Ava was born on December 27th 2007 in Denver, Colorado.
Ava Turns 1 in San Diego while on a family vacation. 
When Ava turned 2 we celebrated a few days early so that my family, who was visiting for Christmas, could celebrate with us.
Ava turned 3 and we had a small family party at home.
 For birthday #4 we had a few of Ava's friends up to the ranch for a Fancy Nancy dress up party! 
 Ava's 5th birthday was spent here at home with just our family again. I decided early on that we would only do birthdays with friends for even year birthdays. 
Ava is very mothering (sometimes not in a good way), tough as nails (rarely ever cries when she gets hurt), loves all things girly, and is excited to start kindergarten in the fall. Happy Birthday Ava!!