Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Our "Famous Ranch Fire Pit Party"

We've been promising the Rollins kids since they got here that we would roast marshmallows one night. Every night something seems to have come up so we didn't get around to it until last night. With our final day here on the ranch being full of preparations for leaving, last night was our last chance. In an effort to get the kids really excited Chris told Samm that this was our "famous" party. After that she started calling it our famous ranch fire pit party. It included s'mores, chocolate chip cookies (home made by Samm), and chocolate milk. And no ranch party would be complete without country music, so we had a little of that too.

 I think this happened to Macy several times. We started roasting our mallows when the flames were still big because it was getting late so there was lot of burnt marshmallows.
 About to enjoy his s'more at a "famous ranch part"!
 Poor Laila has been sick pretty much the whole time the Rollins have been here. She is still struggling to kick it so she spends most of her time snuggled with her mommy.
 A mouth full of marshmallow!
 We also invited Joey and Bennet over to our party. James and Bennet are the same age so they've played together several times this past week. It was nice for James to have another boy around!
 I have no idea why she was wearing my cleaning gloves. I didn't realize what was happening until Joey told me to look. It's a good thing I clean my gloves after each use!
Monday turned out to be the most fun day with the Rollins. First with the horses then with the fire pit party. It's a good thing they had a full day of fun too because today is going to be spent packing, cleaning, and running errands. Oregon here we come!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Horseback Riding

Today was all about my niece Samm. Sadie loves horses too but Samm doesn't live on a ranch like we do so it was a special treat for her today to go riding with our neighbor and friend Gary. We are really appreciative of him allowing us to come over and ride with him for half the day! Okay, only 3 hours but it was still 3 hours of his day and we are grateful. 

 Hanging out while Gary saddled the horses, these two looked pretty stylish. 
 Samm was of course feeding the horses who were still locked up and they were loving it! She even had two hands going at once.
 And after feeding two at once she was leading two at once! On our way to the arena where we rode most of the time we were there.  
 And even little Laila loved the horses and wanted to help. 
 Sadie rode Razzle but it didn't last too long. The horse kept speeding up to keep up with the other horses and Sadie got a little spooked. But Gary got on with her so she could keep riding and she lasted a little longer.
 Macy rode Jingle and she did really good. I was impressed. This is a girl who is terrified of geese and my little puppy. But she did great riding the horse on her own. 
 Samm the cowgirl. She rode Arapahoe and even let the horse trot a bit with her on it. She seemed pretty proud of herself for that. And she should be. 

Laila rode with Sally on Coconut who was a bit feisty at first but Sally got her under control after a bit. Grace rode with me on Big John (no picture).

About an hour into it the younger 4 kids were all tired and sore so they went of to play in the swings while Sally, Samm and I kept riding with Gary.
 Gary with Samm, and Sally letting their horses pick up the pace a bit!
 Samm had never ridden bareback before so Gary took the saddle off Arapahoe and let Samm try it out. I think it was a bit uncomfortable but she liked the experience of it.
And LOOK! Here I am. It's rare to get a picture of the photographer but we got one today! Me and Big John. 
We all had so much fun but I'm pretty sure we are all going to be moaning every time we try to sit down tomorrow! Well worth it though.